Rebuilt Fan Props

Using damaged props, we apply a composite technique, repairing any splits in the wood and replacing missing areas, as well as capping the splintered ends. When the repairs are complete, OUR prop is stronger and more durable than when new.

The props come either with out OR with wingtips installed on the ends of the blades. The purpose of the wingtip is twofold. One, this makes the prop stronger, weather resistant and gives an overall higher durability. Two, the wingtip increases the efficiency of the fan. Instead of allowing the pushed air to roll off the end of the blade, the wing tip redirects the airflow, forcing it out the front instead of off to the side of the fan. Think “winglet” like on all the airliners these days. This makes the wing more efficient. In the case of an inflation fan prop, this reduces the cone of air from a 90 degree angle down to a 45 degree angle, with a stronger head pressure forcing more air into the mouth of the balloon.

On the old “broomstick” type props (the ones that have very thick blades) we machine down the front side of the prop at the leading edge. This not only lightens the rotating mass, it creates a wing, making the fan far more efficient; instead of just making noise. In addition, the pitch is increased between 3 and 5 degrees for a more aggressive “bite”.

These props are painted with a variety of colors and this really makes your fan stand out. Plus, if the fan blade finish gets damaged, come winter time, you can just remove the prop, sand it down and repaint it. Easy overhaul. Custom colors are readily available for an extra charge. We now use only high grade automotive finishes including high solids urethane clear coats for lasting gloss and chip resistance.

The props are available in both 24” and 30” sizes. The bolt patterns are typically 2 1/8” and 2 1/4” for inflation fan props. Prop length and bolt pattern have no correlation at all. Because it was difficult to obtain an accurate measurement from the customer, we now drill the props so that they fit both the 2 1/8 and the 2 1/4 inch bolt patterns. No need to worry about which one you need! Plus, there is no need to buy a matching hub for your new prop, saving another $100.

You will notice a difference from day one with a rebuilt prop from ASC & P International. Compare the price, compare the efficiency, compare the look. Make a statement with a prop from ASC&P International.

24”or 30” Prop: $140
24” or 30” Prop, with wingtips: $180
Core exchange charge : $40
(refunded when the old prop is received within 30 days)
Custom colors, artwork or lettering: will quote
Shipping (each): In the US $19, Canada $30, Everywhere else, we quote

We will rebuild your prop or exchange one with you.


Just added 3/13!

ASC&P now has AMERICAN MADE hubs for props! We have them for both 3/4” and 1” crankshaft sizes (5 hp and up) and they fit the 3 1/8” bolt circle pattern for props.

When ordering, specify which diameter you need.

Price: $116, includes shipping in the US

ASC&P, International, 1012 Pottstown Pike, Chester Springs, PA 19425