2014 Fantasy Eight-90

ENVELOPE: 90,000 Cu. Ft., AX-8, F-Type. Custom Design, Hyper/Max parachute and top 40 panels. Nomex Scoop.

BASKET: Fully loaded 42" X 50" E-Type, stainless steel Flex Frame, FLYTEC 3040 instruments, black leather trim.

BURNER: FX/3 single with twin T-manifolds.

TANKS: Four ten gallon aluminum with padded jackets.

Price Drop!

System price $28,000

Envelope only price $15,500

Ready for immediate delivery!

FANTASY SKY PROMOTIONS INC. 1439 Bridge Street, New Dundee Ontario, Canada

519-696-2414 Or Email: fantasyballoonsinc@bellnet.ca