Turn-key Hot Air Balloon for Sale

1986 Rally RX-7 (Aerostar International)

A well-kept, exceptionally made, and low hour, Aerostar RX-7 hot air balloon is for sale. This balloon has been babied and carefully flown. All maintenance records are available. The balloon system is for sale because the pilot has aged out of ballooning (at 68 years old and over 30 years of hot air ballooning).

The balloon has normally been lightly loaded by just the pilot and one passenger, and not overheated. It has been stored out in the open in a home garage. This balloon has not been used for commercial purposes, and it has had an easy life used primarily for one pilot’s sport ballooning pleasures.

The balloon system is original and in excellent condition. This hot air balloon still has a lot of life left for that pilot that who wants to do some fun flying.

The balloon is very traditional in shape and appearance and it shows well. Many photographers like to take pictures of this balloon because of its vibrant colors and retro look.

This is a nice balloon to fly as it is (1) light and able to be moved around on the ground, (2) responsive to a pilot’s commands in the air, and (3) is economical on the use of propane. The balloon is perfect for a pilot that is just starting out as an aeronaut and needs a turn-key system to start flying immediately. It also is perfect for that pilot who is returning to ballooning and wants a solid aircraft that is both affordable to own and use.

This is a turn-key sale that includes the balloon envelope, burner, basket, instruments, inflator fan, ground cloth, tools, required accessories, air craft radio, chase crew radios, and balloon trailer. Everything has been carefully thought out and provided for with this balloon system as the pilot is very particular. The price is $7,500 for everything.

·         Aircraft (N 29236) log book hours: 263.6 hours

·         Top one-third of envelope (including top cap) log book hours: 79 hours

·         Registration, airworthiness certificate, flight manual, log books, and A/Ds all correct

·         Balloon under annual to 4/15/2017

·         Balloon last flow 6/19/2016

·         Envelope is 77,500 cubic feet, and 12 gores

·         Retro beach ball envelope design with eight different colors, off set with white

·         Fabric colors are vibrant orange, sun yellow, lush green, lime green, sky blue, mountain blue, brandy wine, and vivid red with the white being champaign color

·         Customized skirt (stylized flag, with red and white stripes, and an artistic blue star)

·         Spring top panel deflation system

·         Para vent system in the envelope top cap

·         New canvas envelope bag

·         Rally II wicker basket (46” long, 39” wide, and 44” tall) in good shape

·         New hard wood Aerostar factory basket floor

·         Ball 655 flight instrument (altimeter, pyrometer, and veriometer)

·         Two fifteen-gallon stainless steel propane tanks (each with fuel gauges)

·         Propane tank covers

·         Basket canvas drop cloth (15’x12’)

·         HP II (high performance second generation) single gimbaled burner in excellent condition

·         Back-up metering valve burner system

·         New canvas burner bag

·         Five horse power Briggs & Stratton engine inflator fan

·         Chrome fire extinguisher

·         Nomex fire cloth

·         Basket restraining harness for pilot in high wind landings

·         Canvas tool bag with burner tools

·         Three re-lighters for burners

·         Leather gloves

·         Two nylon drop lines with quick release fittings

·         Basket to truck safety tie-down system with quick release

·         Stainless steel envelope squeezer

·         Three safety helmets (for balloon pilot and passengers)

·         Helium tank for pibal testing

·         Light weight nylon ground cover (66’x48’) with new canvas bag

·         New Sporty hand-held digital Navigation/Communication aircraft radio

·         Two new Garmin (Rino 655t) chase crew radios (receive/transmit, electronic compass, backup altimeter, speed and track, GPS, “find feature”, and up to 20-mile range)

·         Special built (designed for this size and type balloon) balloon trailer with spare tire and rim. Trailer is very strong, tows solid behind the vehicle, has a light tongue weight, and can be pulled by a light vehicle. The trailer has a small foot print and the entire rig holds the basket, envelope, and fan that can be easily stored in a garage

·         Aerostar factory waterproof covers for basket and envelope when needed for trailer

·         Trailer flag that matches the envelope pattern

·         Trailer backup poles for visibility when without the basket

·         Magnetic balloon signs for chase vehicle.

For further questions, please call Jim Gibson (Sacramento, Ca.)

at (916) 799-0286,

or email jagibson@sbcglobal.net.

I may be willing to deliver this balloon system to the right party, depending on timing and location.