Brand new factory built Thunder and Colt re-manufactured basket by Cameron balloons in Dexter, Michigan USA.  The tubular stainless steel upper and lower frames were inspected and re-used but other than that it is 100% brand new and has zero time.   This particular design of basket is known as a "tank" by experienced professional pilots.  Extremely strong and durable with large gauge woven horizontal weave and gusseted internal frame.  Polycarbonate vertical members instead of brittle organic *broomsticks* or nylon.  Basket has June 1, 2015 return to service with all new OEM components:

60" X 102" (154 X 260 cm) single T basket accommodates 12 passengers plus pilot

Black perforated Alcantara Ultrasuede top rail and upright covers.  Better than real suede or leather since it doesn't dry out and shrink over time.  Ultrasuede is found on Bentley, Ferrari, Mercedes and many other luxury vehicles, this particular type is very thick and commercial grade.
10 yards extra Alcantara worth $1,000.00 and enough for 4 future recovers of all components
3/4" thick (20mm) Solid Meranti seamless plywood floor
5  Ash Safari skids (not 4 as shown in the picture, an additional center skid was added)
New 100%  black full Sunbrella convertible cover that can be used with uprights on or off.   This cover is 100% waterproof yet breathable and will last in direct sunlight for 10 years
New cushion floor (1" thick ethafoam) and carpet in passenger compartment
New "Buddy Box" 9" height assist for pilot 
17 Lexan polycarbonate rods for basket verticals.  Instead of using cane or nylon which dries out and breaks over time polycarbonate is virtually indestructible
New Ash (instead of Oak) skids which are much tougher
4 New flexi rigid upright poles
4 New Stubai SS carabiners

From 1990, used, one owner:

Newly recovered with matching Alcantara the 2 factory designed bench seats and seat belts can be easily installed/removed.  The marketing value alone of having seats and seat belts available will give you a huge sales advantage over competitors.  In my 30 year career as a ride business owner this unique feature has made me hundreds of thousands of extra $$.
Remote electronic blast and rare altitude seeking electronic auto pilot reduces work load at altitude and saves fuel
Ball 655 Instruments
Triple C3 burners with Commercial Liquid Fire which is a full fourth quiet burner without coils.  A 240K cu. ft. balloon can be flown with just this burner.
SS Heat shield
Cushion walls for passenger compartments (4)
2 tank manifolds
4 15 gallon stainless steel tanks
Heat tape on tanks
4 new Alcantara insulated tank jackets
Refueling hose
2 accessory bags, one with a superior quality first aid kit
Halon Fire extinguisher
Inflation harness
Harken Carbo Cleat rope cam rack for organizing rotation vents and parachute line
Drop line with quick release
Collapsible stair case for easy passenger loading/unloading

New retail: $51,502.00

Sell for $40,000.00