FireFly 7-15 (1991) N9086Q

FF 4.9 Basket  (1991)
118 hours TT on both (system has never been parted.  Ordered together new)
Currently being flown, hours may increase

System annualed 4/22/15
ALL maintenance records have been kept.
1991 was one of the best years for poly and this balloon is proof of that
Flight on 4/27/15 with just pilot (220lbs) launching at 8,200 MSL with a flight time of 1:15, fuel consumption was 14.9 gallons at 45F ambient at launch
Flight on 4/26/15 with pilot and passenger weighing 450lbs, launching at 8,000 MSL with a flight time of 1:50, fuel consumption was 29.6 gallons at 45F

Envelope is a pretty design, load tapes and suspension lines are in great shape.  Looks like a 118 hour balloon.

Basket has decretive wicket and is gorgeous.  two small spots of rash (have photos) and a few broken wicker.
T-3 burner
Hoses done 9/2010
Tanks Certified 4/22/2015 (with heaters)
Blue Suede
Fire suppression system
Quick link refuel with blue suede pouch
Blue suede dropline pouch with FF dropline
Blue suede burner pouch with extra pouches on side
Standard FF instruments
All original from FireFly in 1991 

We have plenty of pictures and all serial numbers on an excel speadsheet.

Nothing is missing from this balloon.  Ready to fly the day you purchase it.  
System is located in Colorado and can be brought to Albuquerque next week.
Ask as few or as many questions as you like

$10,000 OBO

VERY motivated seller!