October 20, 2013

Commercial LTA pilot looking for part time work.  I am a commercial pilot with approx 400hrs of experience.  I have flown all makes of balloons with the largest being 90,000.  I have flown rides, corporate, and flight training.  I am a full time firefighter in NM and looking for a part time job flying.  I usually work 48hrs on and 96hrs off providing me adequate time to fly. 

John Pata



August 6, 2013
I am a commercial pilot with over 2000 hours as pic. Over half of that is in balloons 210 or larger with over 200 hours in a Cameron A315. I have flown corporate contracts for various aerial marketing companies as well as many of Sky Aces Inc. special shapes. I have done advertising promos and TV work for a national television show. I have over a 1000 hours as PIC flying in the Rockies. My current flying season will end the end of Sept. I will be attending Fiesta and visiting family for the month of Oct. I will be available to fly starting the first week of Nov.